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Vegas: Day 2

CONTINUED FROM: Vegas: Day 1 …The next morning, Farah and I are laying in bed and sleeping in late… Some clunking noises next door wake me up, and I immediately snap to and realize, “MAIDS! OH SHIT! I DIDN’T PUT THE DO NOT DISTURB SIGN ON THE DOOR!!!” I quickly hop out of bed, completely […]

Vegas: Day 1

Some friends and took a trip to Las Vegas last month… My long time friend, Tony, was throwing a birthday party for himself on Dec. 17th night at the Bellagio. From the day I decided I was going to go, I planned on driving… I love road trips and hate airports, so this seemed like […]

Disneyland: Day 3

CONTINUED FROM: Disneyland: Day 2 …After the marathon day that was day two, I was, on this third day, again, waking up slow… Vince was already up and had been next door to Sherry’s, Mike’s, and the kid’s room and had lodged our door open when he came back over to our room. Minutes later, […]

Disneyland: Day 2

CONTINUED FROM: Disneyland: Day 1 …By the time I crawled out of bed on day two at the Portofino hotel at Disneyland, everyone else was already up and getting ready to go… They all wanted to go to breakfast, but I wasn’t in the mood to rush and plus, Vince and I had already been […]

Disneyland: Day 1

Destination Disneyland finished up last weekend. A three day adventure filled crazy weekend to the Magic Kingdom. We (Sherry, Mike, the four kids and me) left on Friday right after work (I don’t have a girl to go on vacations with, so Mike and Sher are cool to let me tag along on theirs so […]

Canada: The Great White North

So, this American couple are driving around Canada, and they are lost. So very very lost. Finally they find a gas station. The wife goes inside and asks “Excuse me, could you tell me what city this is?” and the gas attendant says “Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.” She gets back in the car, puzzled. The husband says, […]

Adventure In Truckee!

Well, we’re back from beautiful Truckee/Donner Lake, California. I rode up with my 10 year old nephew, Nikolai who, along with his sister Karina, is a notorious button pusher. So, most of that ride with him was him pushing every friggin’ button in my Jeep. Window down, window up, window down, window up… door lock, […]