Disneyland: Day 1
October 7th 2005 @ 2:45 am All Categories,Vacations

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Destination Disneyland finished up last weekend. A three day adventure filled crazy weekend to the Magic Kingdom.

We (Sherry, Mike, the four kids and me) left on Friday right after work (I don’t have a girl to go on vacations with, so Mike and Sher are cool to let me tag along on theirs so I don’t have to sit home and stare at the wall. Plus we were meeting a bunch of other friends there, so it wasn’t just a family vacation but a friends and family vacation) The trip was a surprise for the kids, so for the entire ride to the airport and the airplane ride down, they kept asking where we were going. I kept telling them that we were going to visit a broccoli farm, When we got the airplane tickets they looked and saw the destination as being “Orange County”… So then they got “county” and “country” confused and they started asking, “Orange Country where’s that?” And we started telling them that it was an orange orchard and farm that we were visiting and that they let you do a bunch of cool stuff there like, pick oranges from the tree and squeeze your own orange juice and stuff, it’ll be fun!” When we finally reached the airport down south, the airport let the cat out of the bag with all the Disneyland 50th anniversary banners everywhere. We still insisted that yeah, Disneyland is down here, but we scheduled our three days to see the orange farm, if we had more days, we could see Disneyland, but, oh well, not this time. They weren’t buying it though.

We made it to the hotel which was just a few blocks from Disneyland, and got checked in, Deb and Andrew were already checked in at the place and Deb met us, but Andrew was working a convention around the corner from the hotel, so he wasn’t there. Vince, a long time friend of Sherry’s and ours, who now lives in LA, was on his way to meet us there and was joining in on the whole weekend adventure. Sherry, Mike and the kids got a family suite, and I got a suite next door to them where Vince and I were going to crash. Vince is way cool dude, easy going, mellow, down to Earth, and 100% completely gay. So, when Mike and I got into mine and Vince’s room, we both at the same time immediately zeroed in on the one King bed, Mike just gave me a pat on the shoulder and said, “Have fun with that.” Then Sherry came and joined in and started saying, “Why didn’t you get two beds?!?” and I said, “I didn’t know there were choices! You were the one who was checking us all in, all you did was scream for my credit card to pay for the room… I didn’t know what was going on!!” Luckily, we found that the couch had a pull out bed, so I was okay. Vince finally showed up and I told him he could have the bed, and that I’ll take the couch-bed, he said we could share the big bed if I wanted to and that he wouldn’t do anything, which I’m sure was the truth because he’s very respectful, he’s more like a brother, we’ve known each other so long… I was more worried that I might start dreaming about Jolene Blalock (Sub-Commander T’Pol on Star Trek, yummy) and while, in my dreams, snuggling with Jolene, I’d be the one grabbing for something in the middle of the night and wake up all spooning Vince!… “uh, nah, that’s alright, I’ll take the couch-bed… Thanks anyway” (God! how come no single girls ever come on these trips!!! Grrr. Of course, if a single girl did show up, I’m sure she’d be all, “I’ll take the bed, and, Sean, you can sleep in the bathtub, or actually, out in the hall would be better.”)

Vince also brought with him a trip to the grocery store… he had bags and bags of fruit, snacks, booze, wine, bottled water, chips, everything. It was awesome. I mentioned, “Gay dudes should always do the shopping, because if it was me who was sent to the store, I’d have returned with just a six pack of beer, some beef jerky, and a Maxim magazine.”

We all went next door to listen to the kids get yelled at because they were playing around and hadn’t put away their clothes like they were told. Then all of a sudden Matt, Janet, and Matt’s son, Tyler all busted into the room wearing balloon animals on their heads, waving around balloon swords and looking like total dorks. The kids immediately grabbed the balloon swords and started swashbuckling around the room which ended up with a double yell for not finishing putting away their clothes AND for swashbuckling in the room.

That evening, the kids got parked in front of the TV and the grown ups went next door to my room for drinks and yapping… We started hearing booms and ran out on the balcony to find the Disneyland fireworks show in progress. It was really cool, we got the kids and all went out to watch them… Since I was alone, I started getting jealous of the couples that were there,… with the fireworks going off and standing out there on the balcony, I was thinking how cool it would be to have my own girl there in front of me so I could wrap my arms around her and cuddle and sway with her, smell her hair and rub the boner in my pants on her ass while we gaze up at the exploding fireworks… Wow! talk about romantic!…


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