Disneyland: Day 3
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CONTINUED FROM: Disneyland: Day 2

…After the marathon day that was day two, I was, on this third day, again, waking up slow… Vince was already up and had been next door to Sherry’s, Mike’s, and the kid’s room and had lodged our door open when he came back over to our room. Minutes later, 12 year old Alina busted through our door and shouts, “COME ON YOU GUYS, IT’S TIME TO- EWWWW!!! IT SMELLS IN HERE!!!!” Hmph… You’d think after living with Mike as a Dad, that she’d be used to the smell of bad breath, farts, and man-stink permeating the air by now.

That morning, Matt, Janet and Tyler had checked out and sadly left us as they returned back home, so now it was just Mike, Sher, Deb, Andrew, Vince, the kids, and me left over and heading out to the park for this final day of fun and whimsy with me on my third day of my one now dirty and smelly non-red t-shirt.

When we got to Disneyland, we all decided to go to Toontown again, which was on the complete opposite side of the park. Rather than hiking our tired bodies there, we decided to take the train that is right inside the front entrance of the park so that it would be quick jet around to the other side and would drop us off right on Toontown’s doorstep. We entered the train station, got in line, and waited, and waited, and waited,….. and, ugh, waited some more… While in line, this tough bad-ass biker looking dude struck up a conversation with Vince about Vince’s glasses. The day before, when Vince and I walked to the park, Vince forgot to bring his sunglasses, and so we stopped at a mini mart on the way and he grabbed a pair. He ended up getting some cheap glasses with that West Coast Chopper logo on the sides which, I’m guessing, caught the dude at the train station’s attention. So Vince and this burly, bad-ass dude get caught up in a conversation, I don’t really know what they were talking about since I didn’t really care, and my aching legs and bloodshot eyes were just staring blankly down the tracks waiting for the GODDAMNED TRAIN TO HURRY UP AND ARRIVE SO I CAN SIT DOWN, PLEASE!!! However, I’m assuming they were talking about motorcycles because, in a previous conversation, Vince had told me that he loves that Orange County Choppers TV show. Every now and then I’d turn around to make a joke to irritate the kids with and notice that Vince and the dude were still conversing… While waiting for the train, I pondered and laughed at the possible humor of this bad-ass looking dude who, if I go by stereotypes (which means I could be wrong), probably hates all fags and queers, and who’s now standing there having a pleasant conversation with a gay guy completely clueless that he’s chatting with someone that he, for whatever made up reason, hates. Haha! If that was true, then the irony would kick ass. On the other hand, maybe the dude was the tough bad-ass looking flavor of gay, like a bear, and was trying to pick up on Vince, but since Vince wasn’t wearing a red shirt, the dude wasn’t sure about which way Vince rolls… On the other, OTHER hand, he could just be some cool dude who has no problems with anybody, and just struck up a nice and pleasant conversation and was just being friendly and social,… but that would’ve been boring, so I pondered the more entertaining notions… Later, I asked Vince if he got the dudes phone number, Vince said, “I wish!!”

The train finally arrives at the station and the line starts trudging along and everyone shuffles around as people board the train… We finally get to the front of the line and…. BAM! They close the gate on us and the train leaves with us still stuck at the station staring blankly, slack-jawed as the train pulls away… and so we again, wait, and wait, and wait,….. and wait some more… Ugh!

Later, we eventually arrive at Toontown and the kids go nuts and run off while the adults try and keep tabs on who is where. I’m still sleepy, dizzy, trying to wake up, and in pain from the previous two days of constant hiking, standing in lines, and piggy back rides, so today’s experience at Toontown just seemed like a psychedelic nightmare… We did do the Roger Rabbit Crazy Taxi Ride, or whatever it was… I rode with Karina, let her drive the car, and just screamed in sleepy terror as crap popped out at me on this freaky cartoon, nightmare ride.


After Toontown, we traipsed back over toward Fantasyland. I had brought my digital snapshot camera on this trip, but it’s an older one, so when something was happening and I somehow remembered that I had the camera in my pocket and pulled it out to use it, I’d press the button to turn it on… it would buzz, activate, and, after a few seconds, the thing would subsequently turn on and light up. I’d aim and press the button, then it’d scan the area, analyze the scene, focus, light balance, adjust it’s settings, and eventually, sooner or later, at sometime, take the FRIGGIN’ PICTURE… of course, by then, whatever action I was trying to take a picture of, had left the scene… so the few pictures I did get are mostly of nothing… Here is one picture I got of Nikolai. Unfortunately something in the background was distracting me with this one, so that picture came out shitty too…


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