Awesome Movie Reviews: Not Another Teen Movie
March 10th 2005 @ 11:41 am All Categories,Movie Reviews

I had always wanted to see this one, but never got around to it. But, it popped up on TV over the weekend, so I checked it out. I’ve watched all of those teen movies from back in the day, and even some of the more recent ones… I loved that fantasy where the funny, honest, and nice but dorky guy gets the hot girl at the end of the movie, unlike real life where the funny, honest, and nice but dorky guy gets JACK SQUAT!!! Hmph. So, I loved those movies, but also hated them since they were so full of shit. So, the idea of a parody that makes fun of all that bullshit appealed to me… The movie capped on all the movies from the eighties through the nineties… With a shitload of sarcasm and slapstick… I guffawed many times throughout. Also, as a super bonus, my girlfriend, Jaime Pressly is in it… I dig Jaime because when she was on Howard Stern she made a Jewish joke telling Howard that he looked like he was “slapped with a yarmulka”. I also think that she was clueless that this comment makes fun of Jewish people and can be seen as offensive which made it even more cute, plus I still drool whenever I think about her photo spread in Maxim magazine from a few years ago. Her Playboy spread was good too, but I liked the Maxim one better even though she had clothes on (barely)… She’d just gotten an adorable short and sassy haircut for the Maxim spread (see the press page on the above Jaime Pressly link to see what I mean)… Wow! What a doll… Oh yeah, the movie,… I liked one part where the movie makes a joke about the hot dude who takes a bet to go out with the ugly girl, and of course the ugly girl is just a hot model dressed up in a pony tail and glasses… His buddy’s say, “You have to go out with her!” and the hot dude says, “What! No way, she, like, has a pony tail and glasses!” alright, maybe it works better in the movie with the visuals.

There was also another part that made me think,… At the prom, the hot dude, king of the prom, ends up having to dance with two sister siamese twins who are joined at the head. So, I was thinking, if you got the girls in bed, would that count as a threesome, or is it just normal one on one sex, since they’re joined at the head and actually constitute one being. You know, if I was to score with siamese twin sisters, could I brag to my buddies that I was in a threesome, or does that count just as one girl? This is important stuff I need to know… I don’t want to say I was in a threesome, then the guys find out it was siamese twins sisters and say that doesn’t count and that I lied… I’ll lose my credibility. So, if anyone knows that answer to this riddle, let me know.

Anyway, so, yes, rent “Not Another Teen Movie”, it was a crack up. But, don’t see it on TV, too many bleeps, plus on TV they blurred the nudity out, although, I don’t know if it’s blurred or not on the DVD… I hope not, I’ll definitely see this one again, hopefully with the nudity.


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