Awesome Movie Reviews: Aliens of the Deep
February 1st 2005 @ 9:37 am All Categories,Movie Reviews

Last weekend I went and saw “Aliens of the Deep” at the Imax in San Francisco.

Before anyone gets too excited, there are no cool aliens eating a bunch of idiot spacemen. While those kind of movies are way cool… This ain’t one of them.

Aliens of the Deep is a new documentary style (Think Discovery channel) type movie directed by James Cameron. It follows some scientists and explores life in the deep ocean where light doesn’t penetrate and also taps on how we might search for life outside of Earth in the same way, searching deep in the water of another planet or moon (these computer generated simulations are AWESOME on the Imax screen!).

I’m kind of a science nerd… I’m super curious about our universe and I love the puzzles and mysteries of each category of science, geology, astronomy, biology, etc… I love learning about the answers to the questions of science, and pondering the new puzzle that surfaces when a previous puzzle is solved. (Science has no boundary, each solution leads to another question.) So I loved this movie and loved learning a few new things that I didn’t know before. If, like most American’s, your curiosity extends only as far as who Ben Affleck is dating this month, or who’s going to win the big game next week, then you might get bored with this flick… It’s only an hour long, which kind of makes you feel like your getting burned for the ten bucks it cost, but then again, it’s on the giant IMAX screen and also in 3D which kicks ass! So the spectacle of it is worth it… It won’t be the same on a small screen on DVD

The movie doesn’t yap too much about the science of what they’re doing, so you don’t have to worry about a bunch of weird jargon annoying you… It pretty much is just exploring the deep ocean and saying look at all this cool and weird stuff. The most awesome part is the 3D though… I love exploring and get elated when I see strange new and fascinating things… and with the IMAX and 3D, you really get taken to somewhere you’ve never been before. You feel like your out there floating around in the deep ocean face to face with weird fishes, jellyfish, octopus, and squids without the annoying part of them spraying ink in your face or grabbing you with those creepy sucker tentacles…

Go see this movie… It’s a nice change from the same old-same old crap that the Hollywood assembly line keeps churning out. I’d definitely see it again. (Get there early… I got stuck on the side of the theater ’cause I was to busy chugging a Martini in a lounge and lost track of time. You really want to be in the center middle part of the theater for the 3D stuff… It still all works and I had a great time on the side though, but it would’ve been better in the middle.) Kids will dig it too… It’s excellent family fair, so I recommend taking the young ‘uns too.


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