Vegas: Day 1
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…At the Flamingo, everyone kind of split up and went there own way. The reason Ron went to the Flamingo is because Tony and Ron like to gamble there, they have those comp card things that you insert into the slot machines when you gamble so that when you lose $300 dollars, the casino knows who you are and mails you a $50.00 coupon for something at the casino to entice you to come back out and lose more of your money there. Farah and I just wandered around. I played $3.00 in a video poker machine, and quickly lost. We then found Tony glued to a slot machine and sat and yapped with him while he played. Farah stood to the side of Tony, and I sat in the chair in the slot machine next to him, I rotated around so I could face him and talk while he played his machine. Tony was telling me about how when he was first playing slots, he put all his money he had to play with in this one machine and then hit the “Max Bet” button thinking it was only betting 3 credits or something, but instead, it bet all of his credits and he quickly lost everything on one spin. He figured out what he did wrong with the “Max Bet” thing, got some more money, came back and put it all in the machine… accidentally hit the “Max Bet” button again and lost it all again. While he was telling me his stories, my back was turned to the slot machine that I was in front of, and my arm outstretched behind me mindlessly tapping the buttons on my machine. Moments later, a host comes up to us and asks me, can I help you?” and I’m all, “Naw, I’m cool. Thanks.” He stands there for a moment and then asks, “Then could you please stop pressing the “Service” button on the slot machine?” and I turn around and find that the “Spin Reels” button I thought I’d been clicking with my hand was actually the “Service” light button that I’d been urgently tapping on and off and on and off for the past ten minutes. The host left, I felt like a dork, Farah was getting tired and embarrassed, and so we said goodnight to Tony and headed back to our Hotel.

We were somewhat close to our hotel, so we just decided to walk ignoring my, “Things are farther away than they appear. Don’t be an idiot! Get a cab!” lessons I was suppose to learn from my previous trips to Vegas. So we walked… And actually, the walk wasn’t that bad… …it was the fucking cold that was bad!!! It’s the middle of December. Fucking Winter!!! I’m an idiot!!! To save Farah from my bad judgment, I start walking us through the casinos on the way home, trying to stay inside as much as possible to stay warm. I got us lost in one of the casinos… They really try and camouflage the exits once you get inside so you can’t leave in those places! We finally made it to the Excaliber which has a tram that goes to both the Luxor and Mandalay bay. We were starting to get tired and just want to be in the hotel room by now. We get to the trams and there are two tracks and not a whole lotta instructions. One sign says, “To get to the Luxor, go to Mandalay bay and catch the tram to the Luxor. ??? WTF??? But the Luxor is right between the Excaliber and Mandalay Bay, if these trams only go back and forth, shouldn’t one of these trams go right to the Luxor?… Whatever… A tram finally comes and I grab Farah and we hop in, then in the opposite track another tram arrives, and we look at each other wondering if that’s the right tram, since everyone is getting on that one instead. So we jump out and get on that tram… It takes off and we cruise down the track. Right past the Luxor, and on to Mandalay bay… Ugh! We then get off that tram and walk around to the other tram and it finally takes us back to the Luxor.

After all that nonsense, I didn’t think I was going to get laid that night, but after making her walk around in the cold all night, I was the only thing around to help keep her poor freezing body warm… Heh, heh,… Yesssssss!

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