Disneyland: Day 2
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…By the time I crawled out of bed on day two at the Portofino hotel at Disneyland, everyone else was already up and getting ready to go… They all wanted to go to breakfast, but I wasn’t in the mood to rush and plus, Vince and I had already been snacking on the groceries that Vince had brought, and drinking the coffee that came with the room, so we told them to go on ahead, and we’d meet them out there at the park.

We later got to the park and managed to get Sher on the phone and met her, Mike, and the kids at the California Adventure. We meandered around looking at the park decor and then made it over toward the River Rapids ride… It was a big long line, so we decided to do the fast pass thing and made an appointment with the ride for later. In front of the ride, Chip and Dale were cornered on a deck and couldn’t get away from the crowd, so the kids got in line for autographs and photos and actually got them! I ran into a shop there and bought the boys a couple of Coonskin Davy Crocket hats… which they wore for about five minutes, then gave to Dad to shove in the backpack. Hmph.

After Chip and Dale we walked around some more and found this Brother Bear kid adventure area that was paying homage to the California wilderness, like Yosemite and the Redwoods… It’s pretty much just a big playground for kids. with rope ladders, rope bridges, rock climbing, slides, and swings… Sherry and Mike were exhausted were waiting around to meet Matt, Janet, and Tyler, the kids were clinging, nagging, and annoying them so Vince and I decided to give them a break and took the kids through the Brother Bear playground area while Mike and Sher, went and got a beer and then called and scheduled up a meeting place with Matt, Janet, Deb, and Andrew.

We had a blast in the Brother Bear adventure area running around on the rope bridges trying to keep up with the kids. With the kids running in four separate directions, Vince and I were scrambling trying to keep tabs on who was where. I finally lost everyone and happened upon Vince and he said that they were all obsessed with some sort of Indian cave. I went to see what all of the fuss was about and found this cool little Indian spirit cave that you went into and there were these clear hand imprints on the walls with a little video playing behind them that was just a swirl of surreal colors spinning around… The kids showed me that you put your hand into the imprint and then this lightning bolts flash through the cracks in the walls of the cave and thunder roars and the video swirl slowly changes into an animal… this being your spirit animal… Nikolai shows me how it works, and he gets a bear… Vitali does it, and he gets a Buffalo, I do it and I get,… a skunk… Hmph. Gee, thaaanks spirit cave… Alina did it too, and she got a Moose, so I didn’t feel so bad… When you leave the cave, there was a chart with the animals and describing their qualities… With my skunk, I was “courageous and curious” or something like that… Yeah, whatever, all I’m thinking about is that I’m a smelly skunk… Stupid cave. Pblbtpbtplt.

Then there was this cool rock climbing wall for the kids to scramble across, all the kids lined up, but the host there said that Karina couldn’t go on it with her open toed sandals, that she needed shoes… Karina immediately starts bawling while the other kids go on it… I start trying to console her saying that everything is cool, we’ll just use someone elses shoes as soon as they gets done, problem solved… she’s still bawling so I just give her a hug and pat her head until the other kids get done… Nikolai is the first off, and so I tell him to take his shoes off, Karina needs them for the wall… He starts whining, “But I want to go play on the ropes, I don’t want to wait!” I tell him, “Oh yeah! Well we waited for you, so you get to wait for her! Shoes off!” He sits, peels off his shoes and gives them to Karina and she’s all jazzed and gets to do the wall. She took forever though to do her climb though, and all of a sudden I’m sitting their thinking, “Ugh, I don’t want to wait either… I want to go play of the rope bridge.”

After some more playing around, we finally rallied up the kids and headed towards the entrance to find Mike and Sher. We met with them there outside of the entrance, and Matt, Janet, and Tyler met us a few minutes later. We all went back to the River Rapids ride for our fast pass appointment with the ride. Matt, Janet, and Tyler didn’t have the fast pass, so they got in the regular slow “stand-by” line. Haha! Suckers!! When we got to the loading area, Matt, Tyler, and Janet were already loaded and three innertubes ahead of us… WTF!… So much for that fast-pass crap. More like slow-pass. Hmph. On the ride, a rogue wave hit our tube and Sher, Mike, and Vince got bucket of water right on there crotches so it looked like they’d pee’d their pants… I took this opportunity to teach the kids how to point and laugh at the misfortunes of others.

After the ride, we met up with Deb and Andrew and strolled around through the park… We worked our way around to Paradise Pier, which is an homage to the Beach Boardwalk with rides, coasters, and games and shops. We hit the first ride which was some sort of gold Zeppelin looking ride that you sit in and it spins around and around and this metal blimpy looking thing that your sitting in rises up like it’s flying. We sat in line for a little bit and finally got on the ride… it started up, made about three revolutions, then sat back down… That’s it! We waited in line for that! Friggin’ lame!… While exiting the ride, Matt made a smart ass remark to a ride operator regarding gold vs. silver zeppelins or something… The operator came right back with a smarter-ass reply which caught Matt off guard, and he had no rejoinder… which is quite a feat since Matt’s pretty quick with his smart comebacks… Matt actually appreciated the retaliatory touch´ since most idiots usually just roll over and take his insults, or worse, don’t get the insult. I, myself, was impressed with the help that Disney hires, they’re pretty sharp compared to the slack-jawed thugs that Great America hires… A Great America ride operator would have replied to Matt with a “Hunh?”, not even getting that he’d been insulted. After we got off of the ride, Mike complained about how lame and short it was, that rides like that usually make him barf, and he didn’t feel like barfing or anything with this lame ride. The big bad-ass roller coaster of the park, California Screamin’, was shut down on that weekend, and everyone there who had rode it before was going on and on about how awesome it was, that it was fast, and shot you out like a bullet, like 0-60 in 3 seconds, that it’s one of the coolest roller coasters EVER… Yeah, fine, it’s awesome and I don’t get to go on it… I get it. great, cool, can we stop talking about it now! We did some other “sit in a chair swing and fly around” navel orange beehive ride that isn’t worth mentioning, so we’ll leave that one at that.


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