About Your Host

Welcome to camp11.com. Well, aren’t you the lucky one to find this website. This site started out with me writing, bitching, and complaining in an e-mail to my friends about a particular incident in my life.

Sean with Gun

I’m right, you’re wrong.
Any questions?

When I sent that e-mail, I found out that misery truly does love company and it became a wonderful form of therapy for me, so I started writing about other episodes in my life and sending them to, and forcing my friends to suffer with me.

Those e-mails began to include other more benign stories of my daily experiences and observations, with this website, I decided, what the hell, everyone else has got a website of their boring life, so why not me too. So I’ve posted some of those old e-mails as well as new thoughts and experiences off mine so that I can have a personal log of my memories to reflect upon when I’m laying crippled and dying in some hospital bed somewhere wondering, “My God! What have I done with my life!”.

So, welcome to Camp 11, my world, my experiences, my opinions, my perspectives, and more… If your opinions and views happen to differ from the way I see things, you’re, of course, wrong. Feel free to comment or e-mail me if you have a problem with whatever I write, I most likely won’t respond, because believe it or not, I don’t really care what you have to say. Plus, unlike you, I actually have a life and don’t want to sit around all day replying to lame comments and/or e-mails.



PS: Regarding most of the experience stories, such as the vacation stories… Yes, they’re all true with very little or no exaggeration… The people who are mentioned in the stories and who were there will attest.