News: Denmark? Oh No You D’int!!!
February 3rd 2006 @ 10:53 am All Categories,In The News

In the news this week,

A newspaper in Denmark is under fire from publishing a cartoon of the Muslim prophet Mohammed (or Muhammad, depending on which news source you read from) wearing a turban that’s shaped like a bomb. In the Muslim world, apparently, depictions, even positive ones, of Mohammed are forbidden in order to “prevent idolatry”

Since the publishing of the cartoon in Denmark, Muslims have been outraged, and the extremist ones (every religion’s got ‘em, so youse Christians can shut-up right now before you start shaking your fists and shouting, “THOSE Muslims!” Christian’s, as well as every other religion in the world have gotten upset over the stupidest shit too.) So, the Muslim extremists have now threatened retaliation in a myriad of ways which include anywhere from kidnappings to bombings, which, I guess will make them feel better about being wronged by a cartoon.

Now, being the culturally sensitive person I am, I’m re-publishing the cartoon in the same way a Jordanian newspaper re-published the cartoon, to just show how “offensive” the cartoon is… and not [ahem] at all to EXPLOIT the issue and piss off even more people.

Mohammed Cartoon

Now I can see how people of a particular faith can be so angered by such an insensitive cartoon… I mean this guy below (who is prepared to defend his faith), I’m sure, is wondering how the person who drew the cartoon could be so culturally insensitive and where the artist and the entire world gets the outrageous idea that somehow the Muslim world equates with bombs and bombing! It’s just a preposterous and an unfounded comparison.

Muslim Extremist

Now, going back to the point that images depicting Mohammed are forbidden in order to prevent idolatry. [homo voice] Helllllooooo! If you’re ready to go kill people to defend your favorite prophet… I think the aim to prevent idolatry has already passed. It sounds like you’re already worshipping him to me!!!

n. pl. i·dol·a·tries
Worship of idols.
Blind or excessive devotion to something.

And another point… It appears that Muslims haven’t learned a big American lesson yet… especially from the American Christians…

If something comes along that you don’t agree with, you have two choices…

1. Ignore it.

When you ignore it, generally, the offensive matter will dry up, blow away, and disappear and only a few people will be witness to it before it goes away.

Or, like the Christians like to do…

2. Make a stink

When you make a big stink about it and start boycotts and protests about the offending matter, this will catapult the offending matter into the spotlight for the whole world to see. People who knew nothing about, nor cared about the matter will soon be curious about the controversy around the offending matter… and will actually make an effort to see, smell, hear, touch, experience the offending matter, like I did with the cartoon above.

It’s the business world, it’s called “marketing”… You do whatever you can to get people interested in your product.

So, I want to personally thank the Muslim world for alerting me to and showing me the thing that they didn’t want me to see. And giving me the opportunity to share it with everyone I know.

For future reference to all, if you need to prevent idoltary for whatever reason, you can try holding nothing sacred, like I do… this also helps decrease the possibility of being offended. It also makes watching the rest of the world getting up in arms an going insane over a dumb little cartoon entertaining and amusing… I just make some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show. ([sigh], except for the part where eventually, some innocent people will get caught in a crossfire and a bunch of people and children will lay dead because of a cartoon. That part will make me sad and embarrassed to be related to the human species.)

Anyway, this issue is still in the news and seems to be growing everyday… Stay tuned! So exciting!!!!


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  1. Matthew
    March 20th, 2006 | 4:38 pm

    It’s P.P.S for post-post script not P.S.S. you Muslim apologist scuzz bag!

  2. March 20th, 2006 | 5:50 pm

    Oh no…. a check minus from Mrs. Matthew… How am I going to graduate now!

    And I don’t apologize for anybody, everyone’s equally stupid in my book. Oh! Hey Matt, since you hate Muslim’s so much, if you want, I can draw an equally offensive cartoon of Mohammed, like the one from Denmark, and post it signed with your name and address… Let me know…

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